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Birthdate:May 24
Muse: Blackout's Musing Way journal and Nowallareone log.

Character Name: Blackout
Generation: Bayverse/movieverse
Alignment: (good or neutral or evil) Evil, but nice about it.


Reflex: 6
Speed(s): (m/a/j)5/7/7


Weapons and special abilities: Long Rotor Sword (from the TF game for the first movie), tail rotor spinning blade, EMP bombs, EMF disruptors.

Personality:Honestly, a nice guy. Blackout is the Hound of Megatron, ruthless and competent on the battlefield, fiercely loyal to the few mechs he considers friends. He has no ambition other than to make his teammates proud of him, and really hates mechs who don't pull their weight or whose actions do not match their words.

Description: Pave-low Sikorsky helicopter, matte dark grey. He's almost as tall as Megatron--larger than most of the other mechs, even Optimus Prime. He's big and lightly armored because armor would slow him down.
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